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Where We Came From

Experience the heart and soul of Toms River’s culinary scene at Johnny G’s. With a legacy spanning decades, our family-owned restaurant brings you authentic homestyle cooking that’s been passed down for generations.

Our journey began in 1996 when we turned our passion for food into a thriving business. Today, we’re honored to serve you time-tested recipes, each one a tribute to our parents’ kitchen and the comfort of home-cooked meals.

Starting as a cozy pizzeria, we’ve grown into a warm dining destination seating up to 60 guests. Today, we are a staple of the community in Tom’s River, known by many as the best Italian spot around. 

From savory pizzas to delicious pasta, every dish tells a story of our commitment to quality. And if you’re celebrating a special moment, let us cater to you, bringing the flavors and love of Johnny G’s to your events.

Join us where tradition meets taste, and be part of our journey that began in 1996.



Family, Flavor, and Fresh Ingredients

Discover the real taste of Italy right here at Johnny G’s! Our food’s all about family, flavor, and the freshest ingredients we can lay our hands on. So whether you’re craving a cheesy slice of pizza or a hearty plate of pasta, come on over and mangia with us – you’re family now!

Johnny G’s commitment to quality extends to our catering as well. When you let Johnny G’s cater your event, you know you are in good hands. Give us a call and we will help you put together the perfect catering plan!

Whether you are a lifelong customer or a newcomer, we welcome you to EAT JOHNNY G’S!

Christine Franklin
28 July 2023
I find them to be welcoming and social as you wait for your order and when ordering something a special way, they seem happy to make it your way. Of the pizza places in Silverton section Toms River this is one of our favorites.
Lynne Van Tassell
26 July 2023
Very friendly service. Good food. Pleasant atmosphere. Good prices.
Rob Wood
19 July 2023
Great pizza!
Lori Mertz
12 July 2023
Loved everything about it!
Philip C
30 June 2023
best pot pep egg sub and pizza in toms river!!!! great zeppoles also!!!
Local Media Direct
20 June 2023
Compared 4 local pizzerias. Johnny Gs was the best .